Overview and Goals

Workshop on Machine Learning in Human Computation and Crowdsourcing

In conjunction with ICML 2012

Edinburgh, Scotland:  Saturday, June 30 , 2012

The ubiquitous access to computing systems has spurred the design of a variety of human computation and crowdsourcing systems, each aiming to harness the power of human computation to tackle problems that cannot be solved by today’s computers alone.   In the past few years, a number of crowdsourcing efforts have been featured in the popular media including GalaxyZoo, DARPA Red Balloon Challenge, Amazon Mechanical Turk, to name a few.  Such systems may involve a large multitude of independent human agents, each with their own level of interest, incentive and expertise for the tasks at hand.  In spite of the rapid pace of experimental progress in designing and running human computation and crowdsourcing applications, there is a lack of underlying tools and methods to systematically address issues such as efficiency, robustness and scalability in these systems.  Machine learning, with its focus on empirical data, offers the promise of addressing fundamental issues in crowdsourcing such as active learning, expertise inferencing, incentive engineering, response verification and quality control.  Indeed, in the last couple of years, a number of papers highlighting novel applications of machine learning in the crowdsourcing domain have appeared in recent editions of leading machine learning conferences such as ICML, AAAI, NIPS and IJCAI, suggesting the emergence of a new area of research in the machine learning community.

The goal of the proposed workshop is to provide a forum for cross-fertilization of ideas among machine learning and crowdsourcing practitioners that could lead to novel machine learning algorithms as well as more robust and efficient crowdsourcing systems.  In particular, the workshop will aim to understand how to match the capabilities of new and existing machine learning techniques with practical requirements faced in designing human computation and crowdsourcing systems.

Workshop schedule is available here.

Posted March 26, 2012 by crowdml12